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Welcome to Comment Corner. This page is an open space for participants of the seminar and any other interested individuals to discuss Gender Quality in Europe.

Please use the comment feature below to reflect on what Gender Equality in Europe means to you. Please also feel free to use this space to discuss some of the video or texual content hosted on this website or any interesting discussion points you think this content may have provoked.


All opinions in this Comment Corner are welcomed and valued, however please do keep all comments respectful as all remarks will be moderated!


7 Responses to “Comment Corner”

  1. Dear all,

    I came across this inspiring article on gender equality “Investing In Equality Is Profitable” by Forbes.

    Short intro:
    Norway’s first male Minister of Children and Equality talks about why women and men should have equal power in the boardroom and the nursery.

    Read the article here:

  2. This seminar was very beneficial to me, I learnt a lot from it and also better understood certain aspect on gender which I was still uncertain of, whilst making many new friends!
    Thanks for everything
    hope to see you all in Malta next October =)

  3. So many people were talking in the seminar about the importance of Jesus being a man and not a woman, well this year the Easter Jesus in Helsinki is a woman and not only a woman, a Japanese one.

  4. Hello everyone,

    you can download the manual “gender matters” on the internet. This manual is a resource for working on issues of gender and gender-based violence affecting young people, with young people. It is really helpful and there are not just different methods inside, but there are explanary notes about gender and gender-based violence too.

    You can download it under The button is on the left side.

    There is a manual on Human Rights Education called “Compass”. There are some gender-related methods too, but not as many as in the “gender matters” manual.
    You can have a look here:
    The “Compass” is translated in very many languages.

    The little sister/brother of the “Compass” is the “Compasito”. It is the same as the “Compass”, but for younger people. There are a few translations, but not as many as for the “Compass”.

    Hope you will enjoy reading and using it.

    Have fun!

  5. Hello everybody,

    the website of “The Quota Project” is really worth to read it. It explains for example the different types of quotas and the Pros and Cons of quotas.

    How can we bring the topic “gender” better to men and prevent the impression that gender mainstreaming will have automaticly a negative impact on their lives?

    I don’t think that different payment is based in getting babies or similar argumentation. A professor at the Economic University of Vienna made a study in which he choose pairs, one female and one male, with nearly the same qualification and motivation. He followed thier carriers for several years, beginning after graduation. In the beginning there was no gap in income, but after five years the man outdistanced the woman. It beginns with small things like getting not the big project and so on. There is no foundation to say, that just getting children is the only reason.

    I hope that not only Europe can enforce absolute gender equality in future. In every part of the world should be gender equality!

    See u!

  6. Dear seminar participants,

    before we meet in person tomorrow please use this option to start discussing some basic questions that pop up in your mind when thinking about gender, e.g. how many genders do you know? Easy questions with Male – Female being the answer? THINK AGAIN:-P.

    Anybody knows the correct answer?


  7. Good afternoon, dear participants of Seminar on Gender Equality!
    In few days you are coming!!
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Your Slovak and EU OC:-)

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