One final exciting activities proposed from a number of participants for the fourth day of the seminar, dedicated to “generating outputs”, was the suggestion that a small group of participants  should create a ‘Gender Equality Resolution’ to be submitted to JEF Europe’s Federal Committee to be discussed and ratified.


This activity was attended by many active participants of the seminar and was hugely productive. The group developed a well thought out resolution and it was submitted to JEF Europe’s ‘Federal Society’ Political Commission of the Federal Committee. The Political Commission discussed the draft resolution and with the support of the rest of the Federal Committee during a plenary session, decided that the draft resolution should be postponed until the next Federal Committee – so that the seminar participants would have more time to work on the wording of the document.


This area of the website has been created as a forum, using the comments below, so that the seminar participants can discuss how to improve the draft resoultion over the coming months.


The draft resoultion can be read here on the Federal Society’s Website.


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