Discovery Day

It was Monday, the first active day of the ” Gender Equality, Europe’s Equality” seminar. The participants were full of enthusiasm and curiosity, so we began the week by being very attentive for Katja’s (an external trainer) speech. She explained us what gender means and what gender policy is, later she gave us really significant explanation of difference between biological determinism/sex and social behaviour/gender. This begining to the seminar started to give us more and more knowledge about this contradictory topic, elaborating on the topic through interesting brainstorming sessions. Curly Peter (Secretary General of JEF Europe) was very creative in proposing us this activity that resulted very productive and entertaining.

After an exquisite lunch and break, we were already full of ideas about Gender equality, so we continued with another versatile speech from Katja. After that, a Slovakian MEP, Katka Nevedalova, intorduced an interesting discourse on gender in Slovakia and women’s opportunities to be part of politics. It was an interesting speech from a very honorable woman. After that, we discussed with her and  she shared with us her experiences. We did appreciate her presence with us during our first day of the seminar.  After dinner and a ‘buzz group’ meeting, an incredible moment lay ahead of us – the international evening! Everyone brought food and something traditional from his or her country. Drinking typical drinks and tasting different food, helped us to get closed to each other. We shared plenty of experiences of our wonderful first day and we got ready for next days!


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