Experience Day

Wednesday, a beautiful sunny day! All the participants had a nice breakfast and after that, the participants divided into 2 groups, but with the same goal, to visit the NGO Moznost Volby and to have a walk araound Bratislava.  Moznost Volby organisation invited us to visit their office and to see what are they doing. The organisation is working on a gender equality and feminist program.   Their main goals are:

  • Observance of the human rights of women and children
  • Elimination of all forms of discrimination of women, forcing equal opportunities
  • Gender equality and implementation of gender mainstreaming
  • Protection of reproductive rights through the education towards the planned parenthood
  • Elimination and prevention of violence against women

Their main activities:

  • Campaign against deliberalisation of abortion law in Slovakia. Pro choice released a proclamation, which was published in many news. The proclamation was signed by 1320 organizations, women and men and it has been handed over to chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic as a protest note against the effort to change the abortion law in Slovakia. Some expressions of the signatures have been published and are released on our home page.
  • Campaign: ‘Fifth Woman ‘,combating violence against women. The first nationwide campaign on the violence against women has had deep impact on the public opinion. The message “Every fifth woman is abused” has become to a fact often repeated in media and news. The campaign prepared public opinion and political situation for necessary legislative changes for more effective protection of victims of domestic violence
  • Campaign Women Voices – non-partisan pre-election campaign to increase women voter participation in the 2002 elections, formulate the most acute women‘s issues as the women’s agenda and analyze political parties election programs from the women issues point of view in order to explain their intentions and real possibilities to women and to explain the importance of the EU membership for women.
  • Protection of reproductive and sexual rights of women in Slovakia includin oppossition to proposed Treaty with the Holy See on the Right to exercice Objection of Concience.
  • Elaboration of Shadow report on 2nd and  3rd Peridocal report of Slovak Government to CEDAW

You can find more about them on their website.

After the visit to Moznost Volby, participants went for a tour around Bratislava.  We visited the main centre, the main square with typical old Slovak markets,  Arcibishop palace and then the Town hall. Afterthe tour we visited Mihalska gate from XIV century, then to Hviezdoslav square where we saw the Slovak national theatre, and from there we saw the New Bridge across the Dunaj river, which had a UFO shaped restaraunt. We also visit the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Michael, where was Maria Terezia crownd. The dominant building of  the Slovak capital is the castle, which can be seen from everywhere.  We saw lots of Bratislava original buildings which are very old.

For more information about Bratislava visit:


We came back to the Hotel to have a nice lunch at the restaraunt.  After lunch we had a small break, and we went to the European Commission on a debate of Comparing Gender policies in SK & EU.  After this interesting debate we had a free time,  dinner at the end of the day and a night out in Bratislava!


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