JEF’s Resolutions

The following extracts detail the ways in which JEF’s Political Programme and Federal Commitee have previously approached the issue of Gender Equality:



JEF’s Political Programme

JEF’s Political Programme was adopted by the XX. European Congress in Florence, Italy 2009. Page 7 of the Political Programme, under the heading ‘What the Federalists can offer‘ highlights that:

‘Only Europe can underpin sufficient social protection and resolutely enforce absolute gender equality and anti-discrimination legislation’


Federal Commitee Resolutions

A resolution was adopted by JEF’s Federal Commitee entitled ‘Stop political extremism, intolerence and discrimination’ when it met in Brussels, Belgium on 3-5 April 2009. The resolution stated that JEF is:

Committed to fight any kind of discrimination based on attributes like ethno-cultural and social background, religious belief, citizenship, age, physical and mental ability, phenotype, family status, sexual orientation, and gender identity’.

The resolution goes on to mention that JEF should:

address the issues that engender intolerant and discriminatory behaviours with responses based on the respect of human and civil rights, democracy, dignity and equality between persons’

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